The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) conducted a Household Budget Survey (BO) in Curaçao during the period Februrary 2016 through September 2016. The main purpose of this survey was to update the weighing scheme, which serves as a basis for calculating the Consumer Price Index (CPI).
Specifically indicated, the weighting scheme gives the relative and absolute consumption pattern of the different goods and services. It is a total overview from which the share of each item from the total expenditure can be read. The BO provides statistical information on household spending, related to characteristics of the household such as the size of the household, income, education  of the head of the household and consumption from own production.

The results of the BO are also important for determining the total consumption of households in the household sector National Accounts. To achieve this goal, data is collected on spending, income and background characteristics using a sample of the households in Curacao.

In addition to updating the weighing scheme, the results of the Household Budget Survey are used for many other purposes, such as: Calculating purchasing power parities, providing insight into the living situation of different population groups, for wage indexation, providing insight into the scale and structure of price developments , market research, making a contribution to special studies on the indirect tax burden, child benefit, energy consumption, etc. and the estimation of parameters of consumption models.