Curaçao, like many other countries, has one central statistics organization responsible for meeting the country’s statistical information needs: 
the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS).

The National Decree on the Organization and Mission of the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) (Statistical Act 2011, no.17) assigns the CBS the following tasks:

Carrying out statistical research on behalf of government institutions, science and private institutions, and publishing (or having published) the statistical information and other statistical products thus generated.

The CBS may also, whether or not for a fee, perform research and services on behalf of third parties, without distorting competition.

Although we have been in existence much longer, the CBS has been operating as an independent bureau since 1980. Through those years, it has accumulated a large pool of statistical expertise on just about all socially relevant areas, including, but not limited to:

  • the labor market
  • income and income distribution
  • households and housing
  • prices and competition
  • business
  • government
  • import/export and balance of payments
  • national accounts
  • education

The CBS also has broad experience carrying out external projects, and the demand for our services in this regard continues to rise.

We collect information by means of in-house research as well as from existing administrative sources. Generally, the latter need first be processed into formats that are comparable with our own data.

The CBS applies an integrated approach to compile practically useful statistical data, which means that the data is presented in such a way as to be comparable with other, related information and fit within a system that seamlessly combines data from different sources. This is only possible by compiling all the information into one single (integration) framework, applying the exact same procedures, classifications and definitions.

At the CBS, this integrated-approach policy to statistical data processing has become an accepted principle and information produced by the CBS may be expected to comply with the integrated approach in the extent possible. To achieve this two main integration frameworks used  the Census (for socio-demographic data) and the National Accounts (when it comes to economic and financial data), are used to guarantee a correct approach.

Our products are thus always comparable both with each other and across time. Because the applied procedures and definitions generally conform to international guidelines, the information thus produced is likewise also comparable to information produced abroad.

The CBS carries out research and publishes results Curaçao. These results are analyzed and presented from the perspective of the social issues within which each may be contextualized, such as poverty, crime, social disadvantage, etc.


The Central Bureau of Statistics Curacao (CBS) is the independent and officially recognized provider of relevant statistical information on all social, demographic and economic areas.
This information is integrated, reliable, objective, complete timely and accessible to the public.


The Central Bureau of Statistics intends to develop itself into the only officially appointed organization in Curaçao to providing high quality statistical products. 
The Bureau wants to reach this goal with employing well-educated and well-motivated personnel, acquainted with the latest technological and methodological processing techniques.


To inform the community on its demographic and socio-economic situation and on the environment by means of statistical information. To accomplish this task the following products and services are offered:

  • Regular surveys
  • Regular publications and regular data collecting
  • Information services 
  • Special data requests from regular data collections
  • Carrying out third party surveys
  • Assistance with third party surveys
  • Expertise and technical assistance
  • Courses