Since 1987, the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) has been conducting Labour Force Survey (LFS) in Curaçao annually to provide reliable statistical information on the supply side of the labour market. 

The Labour Force Survey aims to measure the latest developments of the labour market in Curaçao. It mainly concerns the developments in the unemployment rate , the youth unemployment rate, the size of the working population  and the size of the unemployed population.

The information presented in this section are the most updated information about the Labour Force Survey.  The older versions can be found here

Important Labour indicators




Employed population     61,547 57,050
Unemployed population     12,992 13,442
Labour force     74,539 70,494
Economically not active population     49,715 54,562
Participation rate (%)         48.5 46.7
Labour force participation rate (%)         59.7 56.4
Unemployment rate%         17.4 19.1
Youth unemployment rate %        41.7 42.2
Employment/total population (%)         40.1 37.8
Employment/population 15+ (%)         49.3 45.6