International Trade

Trade statistics are economic statistics, which serve a variety of needs. The trade flow of goods is analysed using various adopted commodity classifications, which have different levels of detail and classification criteria. The trade statistics of Curaçao are compiled as secondary statistics derived mainly form Customs documents.All data are preliminary estimates. This theme provides general overview of the import and export data and segmented by commodity. 

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Key indicators




Total imports, exclusive oil and oil products (in mln ANG)17951908
Total exports, exclusive oil and oil products (in mln ANG)147156


Standard International Trade Classification -Rev 3 (SITC)

The SITC is a statistical classification of the commodities designed to provide the commodity aggregates required for purposes of economic analyses and to facilitate the internatinoal comparison of trade-by-commodity data. The SITC (Rev.3) is based on the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (HS), which was created by the Customs Co-opeation Council. Follow this link to the website of United Nations download the SITC classification.