ICT & Media

The source of the information about the use of Internet (individuals and households) are derived from the ICT & Media survey conducted between the months of April till June 2017. This survey was a collaborative survey which measured  to what extent households and individuals on Curaçao has access to Information and Communication Technology. The Media survey measured to what extent, how and for what purpose respondents make use of the Media (radio/newspaper/television/social media). 

An update has been published for the Social Media usage for the year 2022. During the Labour Force Survey in the year 2022 a question about the usage of the Social Media was added.

On this page the publication, articles, table and infographics regarding this theme can be found..



The Internet is a worldwide public computer network. It provides access to a number of communication services including the World Wide Web and carries e-mail, news, entertainment and data files, irrespective of the device used (not assumed to be only via a computer − it may also be by mobile telephone, tablet, PDA, games machine, digital TV etc.). Access can be via a fixed or mobile network.

Social Mediawebsites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking