The criminal justice system consists of several institutions: the police, the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the courts, the prison and the non-custodial institutions. In addition, there are institutions like the Guardianship Board—that takes care of cases concerning guardianship, alimony—the Foundation for Social Rehabilitation (Probation), the Foundation for Child Protection, the Foundation for Victim Assistance, etc. Furthermore, victimization data are collected through household surveys. The data presented in this publication do not reflect the existing bodies in the field of crime and justice. The crime statistics contain figures published by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, figures provided by the Fire brigade and Calamity Assistance, data delivered by the Child Protection Foundation and the Call System for children. Some results of the Victims Survey held in the past years, of which the most recent one was in 2014, are also presented. The percentage of respondents that did report ever having been the victim of a crime has dropped, compared to the last two surveys. Theft characterizes crime in Curaçao.