Practicing sports positively impacts both the individual and society as a whole in different
ways. Sports play an important role in preventive healthcare, in promoting social
integration an d in creatin g a m ore “livable” society. This survey examines the different
forms of participation in sp orts: through active practice, passive participation and
supporting activities.

A random sample of Curaçao’s household s w as used . In total, 3361 respondents
participated in the survey. To obtain a better understanding of the different demographic
groups, the levels of participation in sports were broken down by age, sex and educational
level, and it was analyzed how the participating and non -participating populations differ
on a number of sports-related topics.

The following are some interesting results of the survey:
Active participation in sports: 36.2 percent of the population of Curaçao aged 6 years and
older have practiced a sport in the last 12 months. Men and the 12-19 age group practice
sports the most. No difference was found by educational level. The most practiced type of
sport is Walking, Hiking or Trekking. Those who do practice sports feel more safe at and
around sports competitions, compared to those who do not . Those who practice sports are
also more likely to think that sports contribute to their motivation to practice sports and to
their personal development, compared to those who do not p ractice sports.

Passive participation in sports: 38.4 percent of the population of Curaçao aged 12 years and
older visit sports events or follow sports as spectators. In relative terms, men, the 12-34 age
group and the population with a low level of education follow sports events the most . The
sport with the most visitors or spectators is outdoor soccer . Those who do visit sports
events show a higher level of pride in the achievements of Curaçaoan top athletes,
compared to those who do not . Those who visit sports events also feel significantly safer at
and around sports matches, compared to those who do not .

Supportive sports participation: 9.7 percent of the population of Curaçao aged 12 years and
older volunteered in sports-related activities during the last 12 months. Men, the 12-34 age
group and the population with an intermediate level of education are the ones
volunteering the most in sports-related activities. The sport that counts with the highest
number of volunteers is baseball. The fact that, on Curaçao, money is spent to stimulate
sports participation and that sports facilities on Curaçao are managed and maintained as a
way of supporting local sports clubs is considered more important by those who do
support sports, compared to those who don’t.

Sportparticipatie op Curaçao 2016 - resultaten Participatieonderzoek 2016