Compared to January 2022, the population of Curaçao has decreased as of January 1st of 2023 by 1.4%. Curaçao  has now a total of 148.925 persons of which 45.4 percent are men and 54.6 percent are women. The sex ratio shows that per 100 women the island has 83.2 men as of January 2023.

It is good to indicate that passed-on mutations mainly relate to persons registered with the population register and reflect less the undocumented. The reason is because there is no proper registration of undocumented migrants. The upcoming Census in September will try to collect as much data as possible from all residents on the island, and CBS hopes to give a more realistic picture of the population living on the island.

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Key figures

Population1st January 20211st January 20221st January 2023
Total population153.671151.066148.925
Sex ratio (males per 100 females)83.583.383.2