National Accounts Curaçao offers a source of information for everyone who wishes to be informed about various topics regarding the economic situation of Curaçao. The national accounts of Curaçao are based on the concepts and definitions recommended by the UN and IMF in the System of National Accounts 1993 (SNA1993) as far as the data availability allows it. The system consists of a consistent and flexible set of macro-economic accounts, which can be used for economic analysis (by either local organizations and institutions such as enterprises, universities, students and international organizations as the UN, IMF, Worldbank) and policy purposes.

The publication “National Accounts Curaçao 2016” contains data for the period of time 2011-2016 and it consists of a compilation of sector accounts for Curaçao.
The time series 2011 up to 2014 differs from the previous publication in which the industries were divided according to the International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities (ISIC) Rev. 3. In this publication, the industries are divided according to ISIC Rev. 4. This brings with it some changes in the data by industries.

Adaptation of ISIC Rev. 4 is a first step towards the implementation of SNA 2008.

Besides the data series 2011-2016 also an analysis is given of the macro economic situation for Curaçao in 2016. This analysis regards the Gross Domestic Product, Gross National Income, Gross National Disposable Income, and Savings.

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