Inkomens en inkomensverdelingen Curaҫao : publicatiereeks Census 2011


This publication is based on Census Theme “Income”. The subjects in this theme are Personal Income, Household Income, Income distribution, Poverty and Special Studies.

Personal Income

In 2011, average personal gross income amounted to 3.023 guilders. Median income was much lower: 1.836 guilders. This discrepancy signifies a skewed distribution of personal incomes in Curacao.

In a period of forty years (Census years 1971-2011) real gross personal income grew with 29 percent. Between 1992 and 2001 income growth was at its highest: on average 1, 4 percent on a yearly basis.

There is a remarkable difference between the incomes of men and women. On average, the difference in 2011 is almost 50 percent. Notable is that the differences between the incomes raise as the age increases: from a 21 percent difference in the lowest age group to 72 percent in the age group 65 and older. The differences in incomes between men and women have diminished in the course of the Census years. Average income of women has grown at a much faster pace than income of men.

Household Income

In 2011, average gross household income was 5.331 guilders. Median income was much lower than that: 3.500 guilders. As was seen at the personal income level, there is also a skewed distribution of household income.

Real household income grew between the Census years 1971 and 2011 with almost 23 percent. From 1982 the growth accelerated.  This acceleration is barely visible in the development of real median income. That leads to the conclusion that growth in real income mainly occurred for the higher incomes.

Modal household income class is at 1.001 – 2.000 guilders a month. About 17 percent of all households are in this income class. Another 13 percent receive less than 1.000 guilders a month.

There is clearly an asymmetry in the household income distribution of Curacao. Compared to other countries this asymmetry is not uncommon.

Inkomens en inkomensverdelingen in Curaçao, Census 2011