After various housing market surveys conducted by Statistics Netherlands in recent years have obtained a picture of several essential aspects of the demand for and supply of housing (including the state of housing needs, the utilization rate of the housing stock and the housing shortage), this research focuses on the development of the housing market in the period 2010-2021.

Development of the housing market refers to the growth or contraction of the housing market in each period, measured by the development (the percentage change) of the number of housing transactions (the number of sales of dwellings) and the evolution of the transaction values (sales prices) of dwellings.

This research was done based on transaction data of dwellings in the period 2010-2021 (transaction data obtained from the Tax Inspectorate). In addition to the number and value of transactions (the variables that are central to this study), the data relates to the year in which the homes were sold, and the location of the dwellings sold. The description of market developments focused on sub-periods (period with a specific market development), market segments (sub-markets) and regions (sub-areas).

De ontwikkeling van de woningmarkt in de periode 2010-2021