Curaçao Environmental Compendium Statistics 2020

The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) of Curaçao is very pleased to release its fifth
issue of the Environment Statistics Compendium.

A compendium is a collection of information in which a summary is presented on
environmental Statistics. The data collected is based on the principles of a for
Curaçao adjusted version of the Core Set of the FDES, the U.N. Framework for the
Development of Environmental Statistics. The Core Set contains the most important
environment statistics to describe statistical topics thus providing guidance to
environmental programs and policies.

The publication reflects the collation of existing CBS data sources and administrative
sources of government- and non-government entities. Although it was not possible
to receive all the data needed and the CBS still has some data gaps to deal with, the
Bureau gratefully acknowledges the support of all the experts and stakeholders who
were committed to provide the statistical data and information needed. Our aim is
to continue to issue this publication bi-annually. In principle, the data presented
here cover the years 2010 to 2020.

Curacao Environmental Compendium Statistics 2020

Tables Curaçao Environmental Statistics Compendium 2020