National Accounts Survey 2019


National Accounts Survey 2019

  • National Accounts Survey 2019

    Dear entrepreneur,

    The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) conducts the National Accounts survey on an annual basis in Curaçao. The objective of this study is to collect business information from among others; financial businesses, non-financial businesses, public owned Limited Liability companies, foundations, associations, sole proprietorships. The collected data is consolidated with administrative data from other sources, which results in an overview of the economic development of Curaçao.

    All enterprises and institutions with 10 employees or more (large institutions) are surveyed each year. For businesses and institutions with less than 10 employees (small institutions) a sample is taken. Once a small company or institution is selected in this sample it will be interviewed for 4 consecutive years. After these 4 years, a small company is exempted from participating for at least 6 years.

    Your enterprise/institution has been included to participate in the National Accounts survey 2020 of the CBS. For this survey the Annual Report Questionnaire 2019 should be completed. For the fiscal year 2019 final figures are requested.

    The easiest way to comply with the survey is to provide CBS with a copy of your annual financial report. It will take you less than 10 minutes to answer the remaining general questions.

    Experience has shown that it is useful to copy the completed questionnaire and file it under "CBS". That will make it easier for you to answer any further questions we might have. You can find the questionnaires and the explanatory notes below this introduction.

    The completed questionnaire has to be returned to the CBS not later than four (4) weeks after delivery. If you are not able to complete the questionnaire within four (4) weeks you can ask for extension in writing. Extension of time is granted only if requested before October 9th, 2020 and if a date is mentioned when the data can be supplied. 

    Please be informed that you are obligated by law (Statistical Act 2020 Nr.79) to cooperate with this survey. I can assure you that all information supplied is held in strictest confidence.

    On the website of the CBS you will find the publication ‘National Accounts Curaçao 2016’ in which you can see how the information you provided is being used, amongst others.

    For further information you can contact Mrs. Lili Zimmerman by telephone 839-2317 or by email


    Drs. Sean Boer

    Explanatory notes National Account Survey 2019

    Questionnaire National Account Survey 2019