Business Cycle Survey


Business Cycle Survey

  • Business Cycle Survey


    The aim of this survey is to provide up-to-date data on a regular basis—twice a year, in June and December—on a number of business and economic parameters and developments, while also giving an impression of the entrepreneurs’ expectations and opinions.

    The Business Cycle Survey is carried out among businesses in Curaçao twice a year. One survey is carried out for the first half of the current calendar year in June, and another for the whole year in December. The surveys are conducted by interviewers (in persons) and by e-mail.

    All businesses with ten employees or more are included, and a sample is taken of businesses with at least three but fewer than ten. The BCS is therefore partially a sample survey. The sample is used to make an approximation of the characteristics of the whole population (all businesses), making it possible to responsibly give information about the whole population. Businesses here include corporations and sole proprietorships having a balance sheet and profit and loss statement. Some financial institutions, small sole proprietorships and foundations are not included in the survey. In other words not all businesses on the island are approached by the CBS.

    The results of the Business Cycle survey are presented in the publication “Resultaten Conjunctuurenquete”, which can be downloaded free from the CBS website: Statistical Information/Business Cycle Survey
    The results are also presented to the media through a press release. Additionally, analyses of the LFS data are published in Modus, the CBS’s statistics magazine.