Business Cycle Survey


Business Cycle Survey

  • Business Cycle Survey

    Dear entrepreneur,

    The Central Bureau for Statistics (the CBS) conducts a Business Cycle Survey among businesses twice a year in Curacao. The purpose of this survey is to collect up to date information on business and economic developments for industries and the business sector as a whole. Furthermore, the opinions and expectations of entrepreneurs in the area of economic development and investment climate are being asked for.

    The survey is permanently being conducted among all businesses with ten or more employees. From businesses with three to ten employees a sample is drawn. If your business falls within this sample, you will participate in this survey for four consecutive years.

    In view of the time-critical nature of business cycle data, you are kindly requested to return the completed questionnaire within one week after having received it. CBS will automatically receive your data in a secured data file. Using this method ensures that CBS can then timely analyze and publish the survey results for the benefit of the government and the private sector.

    Conform to the Statistics Law (PB 1976 nr. 145), the survey will be conducted entirely confidentially. For more information regarding the Business Cycle Survey and the results for the year 2019, please click on the following link:

    For more information and/or questions you can contact Mrs. Meyer, telephone number 839.2341 or by email 

    I would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation. Your contribution is essential in making this survey a success.

    With kind regards,

    Drs. Sean de Boer

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