Statistics by Subject


Statistics by Subject

All the statistical information presented in this section are as up-to-date and accurate as possible. Some of the data are being produced by other institutions. The information received by the CBS is processed and edited into statistical data. The timeliness of these data depends on the timeframe within which the CBS receives the information from the institutions. Other data presented here are results of surveys conducted by the CBS.

It is impossible for the CBS to publish on her website all the data that are available at the office. If you need any information not found on this website, please contact our Department of Publication & Information at any time.

All the statistical information on this website is organized according to subjects.

Please click on the subject of your interest for all the information the CBS has published on the subject.


2001 Census International Comparison Programme (ICP)
2011 Census International Trade
Budget Expenditure Survey 2016 Labour
Business Cycle Survey Manufacturing & Energy
Climate Migration
Economy Participation Survey 2016
Education Population
Enterprises Poverty
Enivronment Inflation / Prices
General Security & Justice
Government & Politics Social Cohesion Survey 2014
Heath & Welfare Social Affairs
Housing Tourism
ICT & Media Survey 2017 Transport & Communications
Income & Spending