Modus jrg 16 nr.1


Modus jrg 16 nr.1

The following articles are available in this issue:

1. Technology and Media Use through Generations
In this article, we will look at the use of technology across the generation; more specifically, whether there is indeed a difference in the use of the traditional and modern media. As media evolves and technology becomes more prevalent nowadays, technology and media become more and more intertwined.

2. Conversion of Gross domestic product into Gross national income and gross national income per capita for Curaçao, 2014-2015
The purpose of this article is to give an understanding of how GDP is converted into GNI and GNI per capita. In the next paragraphs, the definition is given of the concepts used in this article, then with the illustration of data an explanation is given on how the GNI and GNI per capita are derived from the GDP.

3. International reserves: a Precautionary or a Mercantilist instrument
In this article a look will be taken into the development of the international reserves in Curaçao and St. Maarten for the years 2010-2016. An attempt will be made to see if the international reserve is used as a precautionary or a mercantilist instrument for these islands. Other underlying explanations such as assets and liabilities and the import and export will also be highlighted. All data value is in millions of guilders (NAf.)

4. A multidimensional assessment of Social Cohesion in Curaçao
This article will give a theoretical overview of social cohesion followed by an analysis of the theory based multidimensional structure of social cohesion. This analysis will be a partial replication of a study conducted by CEPS/INSTEAD (Dickes, Valentova & Borsenberber, 2011). The analysis will consist of two steps. In the first step, measureable intermediate indicators will be constructed based on the dimensions suggested by theory. Followed by an analysis of the indicators in order to verify their empirical corroboration of the theory based multidimensional structure. 

5. Resultaten Conjunctuurenquête jaar 2017
This article looks more closely at the results of the Business Cycle survey's opinion questions. Quantitative data are not discussed here and the turnover and profit are limited