COVID-19 Internet survey results


COVID-19 Internet survey results

On the 24th of April 2020, Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) launched an internet survey
on the impact of COVID-19 on the social economic status of the population of 15 years
and older. This survey was distributed through text message by Digicel and UTS, and
through the digital online platforms of the government of Curaçao and CBS.

The survey covered topics such as, sense of health and safety, labor and provision in
necessities. The questions concerning the topics, including the questions pertaining to
demography, totaled to 18.

The COVID-19 internet survey has been opened a total of 113.476 times. Of those who
opened the survey, 24.535 (the weighted representation of women was 56.0% and men
44.0%) filled in the questionnaire. This is 27.9% of the population that has access to
internet, through the dwelling or via mobile, here in Curaçao. Which is 68.8% of the
population as found in the ICT & Media survey that CBS conducted in 2017.

Due to the collection method used these results are solely an indication for those with
internet access at home or through their mobile, and not the general public at large.
CBS would like to thank all those who contributed in the execution of the survey and
those who participated.