CBS launches her mobile app


CBS launches her mobile app

CBS launches her mobile app

Release date : 24th January 2018

Willemstad - The CBS has launched a mobile app with the latest statistical information. Results from the latest publications can be retrieved now more quickly

The statistical information on the app is divided into three groups Economy & FinancePeople & SocietyEnvironment. Users find in the group Economy & Finance information about the economy, inflation, income, import/export figures and information about enterprise.

In the group People & Society users find information about population, labour, migration, education, poverty, participation to cultural activities and sport, health, tourism, ICT & media,

In the group Environment, users can find information about the climate and other environmental topics.

In addition, there is general information about CBS, for instance about the surveys that CBS regularly conducts. 

The app is not a replacement for the website. On the website, the user will find data from previous years and with which the user can see a development in a certain theme. The mobile app provides only the most recent statistical information that is available.The app is primarily intended to increase the accessibility and publicity around CBS.

In addition to the app and the website, this is also done through the, facebook page cbscur, but also the press releases that CBS published on a regular base.

The mobile app is free downloadable through Apple store (iOS) and Play store(Android)


CBS Kòrsou ta lansa app ku datonan estadístika di Kòrsou

Fecha di publikashon: 24 di yanuari 2018

Willemstad – Djarason 24 di yanüari último Ofisina Sentral di Statistik (CBS) a lansa su app ku yama “CBS Curaçao”. Un servisio nobo ku CBS ta brinda e pueblo di Kòrsou pa asina keda na altura di datonan estadistika di Kòrsou.  E app ta brinda tur informashon ku CBS ta publiká regularmente.  Na un manera fásil i rápido bo ta haña akseso na estadístikanan up to date awor.

E informashon estadístiko riba e app ta repartí den 3 grupo:

1.Economy & Finance
2.People & Society
Bou di kada grupo ta haña informashonan ku ta korespondé na kada di e tres tópikonan aki menshoná. Bou di Economy & Finance tin informashon tokante e desaroyo di ekonomia, sifra di inflashon, importashon/exportashon, entrada, informashon di kompania, etc.

Bou di People & Society bo ta haña informashon di e poblashon, desaroyo di labor, migrashon, edukashon, pobresa, partisipashon kultural, partisipashon na aktividatnan deportivo, asuntunan sosial, salubridat, turismo, ICT i media i asuntunan di bibienda.

Bou di Environment tin informashon di medio ambiente i di klima di Kòrsou.

Banda  di e informashon ariba menshoná bo ta haña tambe riba e app informashon general di CBS p.e. informashon tokante enkuestanan ku CBS ta organisá, komunikado di prensanan, faq, senso, publikashonan etc

E app ta un manera fásil pa keda na altanto di datonan di Kòrsou. E app no ta remplasá e wèpsait di CBS ( Riba e wèpsait bo ta haña seri di datonan di diferente añanan kaminda por mira un desaroyo. E app ta duna e sifra mas update di e tópiko. E datonan ku bo ta haña riba e wèpsait ta mas amplio.

Un ehempel ta e sifra di poblashon riba wèpsait ta duna bo un bista di e desaroyo di e poblashon for di 2001 te ku 2017. Riba e app bo ta haña e sifra mas resien di e poblashon.

Ku e servisio nobo aki, CBS ta sigui ku e maneho pa hasi estadístika di Kòrsou mas tantu aksesibel posibel na nos komunidat. CBS ta hasiendo esaki kaba mediante di su wèpsait ( (, página di facebook (cbscur), via komunikado pa prensa, telefonikamente (8392300), via di email ( , personal (den Media Center di CBS) i awor mediante di e app nobo aki.

Por download e app gratis for di Apple store (iOS)i tambe for di Play store (Andriod).  E nòmber di e app ta CBS Curaçao.