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Interview (ers) Questions

  • How long does an interview last?

    The average time is 45 minutes. This depends on the type of survey and the length of the questionnaire.

  • What process is followed from the moment that an interviewer appears at my doorstep?

    • The interviewer introduces him- or herself as one of the CBS interviewers and states his or her name. The interviewer shows an introduction letter and asks for the respondents’ cooperation.

    • The interviewer (wearing his or her badge) briefly explains the aim of the visit, indicates how long filling out the questionnaire is going to take and what you can expect as a respondent.

    • Then, the interviewer will start filling out the questionnaire.

  • How can I ascertain that an interviewer is indeed an official CBS interviewer?

    When an interviewer shows up at your doorstep, first of all, you may and are also entitled to ask the interviewer for proof of identification. All interviewers participating in a CBS survey should have an official CBS badge with the following: the CBS logo, the name and photo of the interviewer and the signature of the CBS director. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, please report this to the CBS immediately. You can call the fieldwork department at 839 2351 or on the general CBS line: 839 2300